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Micah Byrd, from being a single mother to a public accountant, business tax guru, author, motivator and Womanpreneur to Entrepreneurs from SHE’S UNSTOPPABLE, Micah Byrd is a force. Micah Byrd is one of the local most celebrated writers, and public empowerment speakers, and she’s among some other powerful and engaging women in the industry where she is socially engaged, and an acclaimed public accountant of this time. 

Micah’s, enthusiastic about facilitating the growth and evolution of women empowerment to press through obstacles and determent of life. 

Her body of work spans over two decades and includes 2 published books, business workshops and multiple speaking engagements, assisting women with business ownership, understanding accounting and taxes, and empower them that “there is no crying doing business hours.” 

She is the “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Sustainability” winner awarded by Georgia Micro Enterprise Network.A woman of passion, vision, creativeness, and purpose, Micah embodies a no-nonsense approach. Outspoken, fiery, transparent, detail-oriented, truthful, loyal and wise. She is the living testament to the value of staying the course when obstacles and determents show up. 

Her motto is “A mature woman is patient and poised during trials.” Before a crowd, as she works tirelessly touring from state to state, Micah uses her humor and straight talk to deliver her consistent message of business ownership and women power because “SHE’S UNSTOPPABLE.” 

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SHE'S UNSTOPPABLE a non-fiction empowerment book that was written to help the busiest woman navigate and overcome life's curves, hills, and obstacles and look great while doing so with some helpful tools and tips. The author, Micah Byrd knows too well about being a doer and trying to accomplish success through daily life. During those times she has been successful in comprehending that "A Mature Women is Patient Under Pressure." This book empowers and equips women from all walks of life to 'keep putting one stiletto in front of the other.' 




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Do you have a great business idea but don’t know where to begin or how to run a business? This book is the right one for you! Don’t be concerned about where you’re from or how little money you have; you can start a profitable business by following the steps outlined in this book. This book provides a step-by-step guide, with choosing the correct legal structure, writing a winning business plan, social media tools and tips, marketing, accounting, product creation and profits. Owning your own business can change your life for the better forever. 


· Register your business legally and easily

· Conduct market research that works

· Use social media to connect with your customers globally

· Write a winning business plan to attract investors


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A business writing journal, that helps you capture all of your intuitive business ideas and thoughts. It was specifically designed for the business professional in mind.